BiblioFiles: Island of the Blue Dolphins, Scott O’Dell

A beautiful story about Karana, a young girl forced to live her life alone on an island that is both prison and home. It is a very engaging story, one that pushes you to read more and more. It is also very elegantly written, which makes perusing the novel a smooth task. Originally meant for younger readers, as it is recommended for the fourth grade level, it is a novel that older audiences can enjoy as well. It is a pleasant read – well, as pleasant as death, desolation, and destruction can be.

Island of the Blue Dolphins

It tackles the resilience of the human spirit, and that irrepressible desire to keep going despite a multitude of trials. It teaches the reader to persevere, even when everything seems against you; I think this is an excellent lesson to teach children.

This story is heartbreaking, though. In so many ways she is fortunate, true, but one can not ignore the irony in this novel: dolphins are considered as good omens, but disaster after crippling disaster continue to befall the girl who calls the Island of the Blue Dolphins her home.

(Five out of five)

Have you read  Island of the Blue Dolphins?


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