BiblioFiles: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Ransom Riggs

A teenager, Jacob, seeks answers following the death of his beloved grandfather. The search brings him to an island in Wales, where every solution breeds two more questions in return.

I have to confess: I mainly bought this book for its cover.

Miss Peregrine

With a jacket (and title) like that, my suspense-loving self immediately assumed it was a horror novel, something that will keep me involuntarily – but blissfully – awake for days. Halfway through the book I realized that it was not what I wanted it to be, which, admittedly, dulled its luster a bit. This disappointment did not stop me from reading 300+ pages in less than a day, though.

The novel was nicely written: humorous without trying too hard. The narrator is a sixteen-year-old boy, which I think was captured perfectly. The book also had special features – fifty of them, in fact. Scattered among the pages were old photographs with, rather, peculiar themes. I found out later on that the pictures actually came first, and the novel was based off of the images; I initially thought all of the photos were staged – that is the only way they would seamlessly blend into the novel, right?

Wrong, of course, and I respected the author more after that revelation.

Peculiar Children is meant for teens, and rightly so. It is extremely easy to read, entertaining, and fantastic – which can be quite a turn off for some adult readers. This is meant to be the first installment of a series.

(Four out of five – originally a three, the extra star is for the photographs)

Would you read the upcoming Peculiar Children novels?


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