BiblioFiles: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson

The misadventures of Roald Duke, a journalist, and his attorney in the City of Sin. The narrative is excellent, effortlessly making the reader feel as if he were going through the same drug trip the characters were in. It offers a sense of surrealism, and at times, will leave the reader confused, disgusted, and annoyed – often in that particular order.

Fear and Loathing

And it is precisely those feelings that put me in a rather problematic position with this novel. I have developed a strong sense of respect for Thompson and his unmistakable genius for story-telling, but his penchant for the mad-journalist-on-the-loose theme greatly negates my journalists-save-the-world, or at least, try to, mindset.

Other than those individualized issues, this book was quite a fun read. It was, to put it simply, one hell of a ride.

(Three out of five)

What are your thoughts on the book?


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