Now Playing: The Walking Dead, Season One

Developed by Telltale Games, the series is set in Georgia and it opens with Lee Everett (aka you, the player) in a police car heading to prison. The car, driven by an insufferably chatty and inattentive policeman, hits a pedestrian. A car accident and several zombies later, Lee finds a little girl, Clementine. They set off to search for Clementine’s parents while trying to survive the catastrophe that is threatening to eat them alive.

The Walking Dead

– The story is engaging. This season had five episodes, each long enough to be engrossing without getting too boring.

– The concept of the game – where the player’s choices affect the flow of the story – is satisfying. Different players can get different endings based on which action they did or which person they saved. The storyline is not as linear as other games, but it is no Heavy Rain.

– The game had a graphic novel look to it, a nod to the title’s original medium. I thought it was stunning.


– More action, please! I understand that the focus of the story are the relationships of the characters, but a few more zombie deaths would not hurt.

– I am not sure if it was just my PS Vita, but my game was glitchy – I had floating batteries shadowing me throughout the game.


– I started playing this on the iPad, then used the Vita, and I think it is better on the latter. Nothing beats pressing buttons frantically when an attacker gets a hold of you.

– Do not expect Daryl or even Rick to show up, but the main characters are just as endearing. Hershel and Glenn make appearances, though.

(Four out of five)

Did you enjoy playing Telltale’s The Walking Dead?


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