Now Playing: Uncharted: Golden Abyss

The irrepressible Nathan Drake returns in the Naughty Dog favorite with another action-filled adventure – this time, in Central America.

Capitalist No. 1 - PS Vita

– Impressed, as usual, with the graphics – something I expect on the console versions, but a complete surprise on the Vita. I found myself periodically postponing gameplay just so I can enjoy the scenery. My favorite part of the game was when Drake was in the Golden Abyss itself. The scene was simply breathtaking.

– The length of the story equals the PlayStation 3 games, which is excellent. You would not feel short-changed just because you are playing on a smaller device.


– There were way too many charcoal rubbings that needed to be – well – rubbed. The first five were interesting, but the next fifty were just too much of a chore.

– I was not a fan of the photo collection, either.


– Another exceptional addition to the Uncharted series.

(Five out of five)

How did Golden Abyss fare in your book?


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