Things: Solstice Scents

Solstice Scents has a unique collection of fragrances that have me yearning for an era long forgotten.

The presentation, the packaging, the scents themselves – all conjure up images of old-world elegance: of monocled mustachioed men and their silk-swathed sweethearts. Foxcroft, a fictional town, inspired most of the fragrances.

The first scents I sampled were from the Manor Collection, and after testing them out, I knew I had fallen in love. The perfumes are true to their names; like my favorite Library, which leaves me smelling like yellowed pages, wooden shelves, and leather-bound books all day long. There are other collections on their website, and with fragrances named Private Eye and Cafe Mallowmel, it is very hard to resist them.

Solstice Scents

The fragrance descriptions are also very beautifully written, like this one featuring the Travelers perfume. The scent becomes very vivid – almost alive – through these copies, and they complete the experience for the buyer and perfume-wearer.

I am currently enjoying the Nightgown perfume, a subtle and fresh scent that brings to mind lace, candles, and a crisp autumn night.


Some scents, however, are a little too dead-on. Cellar, which smells like a dank and mossy basement, is very interesting, but seems a little impractical to me. The same goes for the scent Attic, which makes me think of dusty trunks and cobwebs.

The packaging for the samples are also a little cumbersome, as is evident from my spilling of the precious oils because of the difficult-to-open vials. The full-size perfume bottles, however, are more convenient, not to mention beautiful.

These exotic elixirs are definitely worth a sniff!

Have you tried Solstice Scents?


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